“SPIRITUAL TRAINING” – A New Age coming!

I talked to a lady the other day who works for a large Bible App company. Here is what she said to me…

“Christians don’t read their Bibles.”

To that I said, “They don’t pray either.”

So how is this thing supposed to work, folks?

You do know a New Age is coming, right? And that is the very reason we have got to get serious about our walk in Christ. (Not that we should not have always been, but now it is critical!) America is sliding fast and we no longer have the luxury to “play around” on God. But here is the question: “How do we get Christians to enter serious training and shape their life to what they learn?”

I got to be honest with you, folks. My first blog was a “training site”. It dealt with the deeper things of our Christianity, but it was not gaining a real readership! I had to ask myself, “Is it my writing?” “Is my material not done in a creative enough way?” So I devised a test for myself.

I started a new blog site, one that was closer to the “surface” of our Christianity. It had more pictures and the lessons were taught more in story form. It was the same writing skills, and the same creativity, but that site has taken off and blown my others away! And get this...Even with advertising the training site on the popular blog, still…very little interest…if any!

Where is the Christian stamina for serious training? How shall we stand in the day of the greatest threat to our times rushing in?

I woke up in bed today, inspired of God to make a renewed effort to prepare a people for the next move of God. This site is one of those efforts.

Why should I think what I have to teach is any better than anyone else? Why do I think people should study what I am writing? How am I so big-headed to tell people you need to know what I know? All very good questions, to which I answer:

1.) The material will speak for itself. First judge me by the material itself. If you don’t see a powerful path in God, tell me so. If you think I am just writing “my own thing”, and not God’s, you tell me so. But if it is God? And if it is where we need to be for where we are going? The material should confirm itself. We need to understand our Priesthood!

We are headed for strong supernatural warfare. I’m talking “supernatural”, folks. God is the most “supernatural” of all. Pharoah’s magicians threw down their rods and produced snakes, too, but God’s snake was bigger and badder. Are we ready to go there? Are we walking in the supernatural with God? Most of the Church is not even reading their Bible or praying. This thing must start with a “remnant” of “spiritual leaders” walking in the “fire” of God! Not a strange fire, but God’s fire!

Fire is contagious. We need Wind and Fire! It will leap from tree to tree! But first we must raise up those leaders!

I believe God has a plan for this New Age. I have seen a fresh move of God beginning, but we must fan this flame and not let it die!

2.) Aside from the material itself, I have been in Church 56 years, all my life. With age comes a certain amount of wisdom and life experience. I’ve never been divorced, still love my wife very much, we successfully raised five children on a low-income, I’ve spent much time as a Youth Minister and assistant to a few Pastors. I have been a lover of the desert places with God, and spent a lot of quiet time searching scripture and asking God. I am ordained but never had my own Church. I might someday, but so far that is not where God has led me, but I know this much, the Church needs to wake up and get strong in the Lord! Too much of the body of Christ is functioning half asleep and low on oil.

3.) We need to start a Holy Ghost contagion! When people are anointed and creative, the Holy Spirit is contagious. It is the fire that will leap from tree to tree as the Wind blows. A revival is like a forest fire! We need a new move of God for this New Age coming, and it will be a grass-roots effort! I see one trying to start, but will it survive, flourish, and save America one more time? Will it shake this entire planet one more time? Good question.

The Church needs an Elijah generation to rise up again. We are in a time of Ahab and Jezebel. Elijah was God’s answer then, and is his answer now. Truly study my words and my teaching, and tell me it is not God’s path to a powerful life in Christ, if it be not so. But if you do, please explain why you believe that. Don’t just leave me hanging.

God called me to be a writer and teacher. As such, I have a responsibility to offer my gift to whosoever will. This is my “invitation”. God is not forcing anyone, he is “inviting”. I am going to make a renewed effort to promote my training sites, and we shall see if anything happens? All I can do is provide, pray, fast, and offer. This is my effort to do what I can do because God will hold me accountable.

(If you have an interest in more information concerning a prophetic word about “Elijha Time”, I have copied my 3-part essay to this site from my other site. All you need to do is click on “Elijha Time” in my header bar and you have the whole 3-part article. It is actually called: “Christian Trail of Tears”.)


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